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Will Fast-Track Construction Save Money

Need proof that the commercial construction industry is one of the most All-American businesses in the nation? Let’s look at the numbers…

What Have Construction Workers Found Over The Years?

There are approximately 760,697 U.S. men and women working for residential and commercial construction companies. For these construction workers and general construction contractors, their work can become just as monotonous as an office job. Every day is more or less the same, with the stifling cubicle replaced by roads, ladders, steel beams, and the glaring heat of the sun.

Ghosts Save Historic Buildings From Neglect And Ruin

When you think of the 31,429 residential and commercial construction companies in the U.S., you probably think of seasonal repairs or the 760,697 U.S. men and women working in the industry building houses and offices from the ground up.

Mobile Apps And Energy Efficiency Drive The Future Of Construction

New technology is transforming commercial and residential construction. Back in the day, commercial building construction and residential construction companies largely relied on age-old, paper blueprints, an endless pile of tools, and a ton of manual labor. Thanks to new technology, that’s all about to change.

Construction Companies Use Mobile Applications To Get The Job Done

Saying that buildings and construction have come a long way is well, for one, obvious, and it is a huge understatement. Some of the very first structures ever, at least as far as we know, were literally nothing more than stones arranged in circles.

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